Vietnam, Thailand, South-Korea and Philippines all set to launch their digital currency exchanges

Cryptocurrency is also set to conquer the world. No wonder digital currency exchanges are opening up globally. At the moment new digital currency exchanges have opened up in Thailand, Philippines, South-Korea and Vietnam.

The digital currency exchange that has been launched by South-Korea is Coinbit. This exchange has been launched by a South-Korean game developer known as Axia Soft. This exchange is trying its utmost to lure as many customers as possible and this is why they have decided to offer zero commission trades till the end of May.

This is why digital currency investors are bound to get inclined towards Coinbit investments. Currently, Coinbit has decided to list about 50 coins but this is not the end. The exchange will include 100 more coins in the coming months.

Another exchange has been launched in Thailand by the name of Jibex. This exchange has been launched by an IT company known as JIB Computer Group. This IT group also deals with the distribution and resale of computer hardware.

Jibex has decided to start slow and initially they will be offering only about 5 digital currencies on their exchange. However, the exchange does have its plan to introduce more digital currencies in the near future.

Vietnam has come up with Kenniex digital currency exchange. This exchange states the fact that it is the first e-money trading platform in Vietnam. The best thing about this exchange is that the investors can also get the necessary advice from the exchange plus they can avail the trading services of Kenniex also.

The good news is that Philippines has also decided not stay behind in this race and a digital currency exchange will soon be launched in Philippines as well. Apparently, it seems that Philippines will get the desired success in the digital currency industry.

There is also a possibility that Philippines will host the largest market for digital currency investments. It is a very good move that all the countries are taking interest in the digital currency industry. However, managing these exchanges and maintaining the element of transparency can itself be a challenge.

This is why all those countries that are eager to launch digital currency exchanges need to be well-aware of the regulations related to digital currency investments. This awareness will benefit the investors and the exchanges alike and the investors will not be apprehensive about their digital currency investments if clear regulations are available.