Verge Twitter Hack alert

It is quite rare to hear about a Twitter account getting hacked but the latest news endorsed the fact that this can happen. The Twitter account of the Verge cryptocurrency got hacked just recently.
Things did not end here and a message was also sent out from the hacked Twitter account. The message claimed that about 1 billion XVG was stolen. This is surely a huge claim but does not seem to be true at all.

The reason is that in the very next Tweet the hacker begged the Twitter followers to send back a little XVG. The main target of the hacker was Justin who is the lead developer of XVG. This situation received retaliation from the Verge family also.

They believed that the Verge Twitter account was hacked because probably the hacker was unable to accept the dominance of Verge. In fact, the Verge family did not hesitate to blame Twitter for the unpleasant incidence also.

Once the Verge Twitter account was restored, the team was quick to ask for support from the followers. They were of the opinion that hacking of the Verge Twitter account was an attempt to harm this popular coin.

The panic calmed down once the facts were out. Apparently, it seems that no coins were stolen in the first place and it was just the Twitter account that was compromised. However, this should be a red flag alert for all crypto owners. They need to be vigilant about sim swapping and should make use of 2FA.

Verge was saved this time but they need to make sure that their worst nightmare should not come true. They should take all the prompt measures to avoid any security lapse. Additionally, it is also important that Verge should sit down and discuss things with Twitter.

This social media platform Twitter is quite popular and people do pay heed to what they get to hear on Twitter. These false news and generated hypes can eventually damage the integrity of Verge. This is why Verge should focus on the security of the Twitter account as well and talk to the people in command in Twitter to avoid this unpleasant situation in the near future.
For now, all is well that ends well and Verge has been saved from a disaster. Hopefully, they will be able to track down the hacker too and settle things down with him as well.