Venezuela to purchase housing units with Petro

There are good days ahead for all those living in Venezuela. The reason is that people living in Venezuela can now buy property with their national cryptocurrency. The good news is that it will not be difficult for the people living in Venezuela to get access to the state owned digital currency.

The locals can get access to the currency through its particular website. Real estate deals that will be carried out using the digital currency will be authorized from the month of April. Moreover, the Government is all set to utilize the funds that will be earned through the pre-sales of Petro digital currency.

The Venezuelan President announced that they have a proper plan in hand to manage the circulation of Petro. The Government is eager to create about four economic zones. The benefit of the zones is that the circulation of Petro will become much easier.

These economic zones will be located in Margarita Islands, Urena, Los Roques and Paraguana. The services and the goods in these regions will be priced as per the Government issued digital currency.

The President of Venezuela is also making a lot of efforts to promote this digital currency. He has already authorized the saving banks to make use of Petro. All the state institutions have been instructed to do the same.

The truth is that Petro has already gained a lot of popularity. The President proudly revealed that about 133 countries have placed an order for Petro. The number of orders has exceeded 200,000 and this is a massive figure.

To promote the purchase of Petro, the President of Venezuela has also mentioned the fact that Petro can be purchased using Fiat currency like the Russian Rubles. This will surely contribute to the ease of all those who are eager to get their hands on Petro.

Petro was launched way back in February 2018 but by now 82.5 million Petro has already been sold. The money that has been earned through the pre-sale of Petro will be used in the construction of about 236,000 homes.

The Government plans to construct about 3 million houses by 2019 and apparently it seems that Petro earnings will be used for this purpose. The current scenario shows that Petro will continue its success tenure and will surely gain the attention of the potential investors who love to get their hands on popular digital currencies.

It seems that Petro will surely make Venezuela quite a happening place.