UNICEF Australia introduces the concept of donating computing power

Australia is playing its due role to promote the blockchain technology and digital currency. Just recently UNICEF Australia decided to launch a platform. The objective of this platform is to allow the users to donate the in-browser computing power so that they can provide help to the vulnerable children out there. This computing power is used for mining the digital currency.

There is a certain website known as the HopePage that allows the user to designate some percentage of their computing power to mining. This activity is done on behalf of UNICEF. The best thing about this website is that it does not store any user related information. This is why there is nothing on the line for the people who decide to share their computing power.

If the user decides to stay on the website page for a long period of time, then the user will be able to donate more computing power in this process. As a result, more algorithms will be solved and more cryptocurrency can be earned with ease.

However, the users need to follow certain instructions if they wish to donate computing power. For example, one step that the users need to follow is that they have to make it a point to block the ads when they open the site.

The platform Hopepage believes that they are maintaining the element of transparency because it is in the knowledge of the users how much power is being donated to the platform. This action has loads of benefits. First benefit is element of donation. The second element is that people are getting a fair chance to become aware of digital currency and the mining technology.

This step encourages the positive use of computing power. There is no denying the fact that these steps are much needed to build a positive perception related to digital currency use. The good news is that people donating power to the website are significantly increasing with the passage of time and hopefully this effort will continue in the near future.

There is also a possibility that the operational mechanism of Hopepage will be more refined in the near future. The Hopepage is doing an exemplary job and people should also encourage this move on their part by donating their computing power in a whole-hearted way. This way organizations like UNICEF will be encouraged to take this kind of an action in the near future as well.

At the moment we all need to applaud the efforts of UNICEF Australia.