UK Finance Experts predict a rise in Bitcoin Investing in the year 2018

Bitcoin investments have surely become quite popular in Britain in the recent years. This was recently revealed through a survey report. The report stated that more than half of the UK based finance professionals who have invested in digital currency plan to make more Bitcoin  investments this year.

The interesting part is that the prevalent market volatility did not put off these finance experts. The survey further unleashed the fact that only about 8% of the finance professionals were willing to sell of their digital currency.

There is a reason behind why most of the UK based finance professionals are not ready to let go off their digital currency. About 54% of these experts feel that Bitcoin will experience a price increase in the next 12 months.

The decrease in price is anticipated only by 32% finance professionals. Thus it can be stated that majority is authority here. The results of this survey can be trusted because about 146 people have participated in this survey. This service was conducted by the Communications company.

Phil Anderson who is currently working as the executive director at the Citigate Dewe Rogerson feels that there are chances that Bitcoin can experience a massive spike but the chances of extreme volatility cannot be ruled out as well.

The main reason why most of the Britain based UK professionals are optimistic about the price increase is that the market capitalization at the start of 2018 was about $800 billion for the digital currency.

The majority of the finance experts feel that by 2021 the market capitalization for the digital currency will reach more than $1 trillion. In fact about 15% believe that the market capitalization will hit a figure greater than $2 trillion.

One thing can be said for sure at this point of time. The future of digital currency may receive a slightly negative review by a small number of financial experts but it will surely continue to dominate the financial markets of Britain.

Apparently, it seems that the truth about the future of digital currency will be out soon and chances of digital currency decline seem rare. Till then what the investors need to do is that they should carefully monitor the market trends and evaluate the reviews of financial experts before making investments.

This way they can make Bitcoin investments without the fear that they will lose a lot of money.