Twitter CEO Dorsey states that Bitcoin Investment is the way to go

Digital currency has surely won hearts. This is clear from the recent statement of Jack Dorsey who is currency the CEO of Square Payment Platform and Twitter. Dorsey believes that Bitcoin Investment will become the single currency to be used in the entire world in the next ten years.

Dorsey was also upfront about the challenges related to digital currency. He openly mentioned the fact that Bitcoin is expensive and slow but he is optimistic that gradually these challenges will vanish away.

Well, Dorsey’s opinion cannot be ignored for sure because he is a reputed name in the technology world. Dorsey is also a bitcoin investor. This is why he surely has the vision to predict the future of the bitcoin.

Secondly, Twitter has more than 300 million users, so all those people who are Twitter fans will surely pay heed to what the Twitter CEO has to say.

Currently, Dorsey is also bringing about advancement in his payment platform Square to promote the Bitcoin Investment. Just recently this platform announced that they will soon roll out a Bitcoin sell and buy option.

Square has big plans and is also set to launch its instant deposit service. The best part about this deposit service is that the merchants will be able to access their funds in just about 20 minutes so this will surely contribute to their ease and convenience. Apparently, it seems that Dorsey’s vision will play a crucial role in the success of the bitcoin.

The platform is taking this pain because they believe that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Most of the merchants out there are also keen to adopt Bitcoin to the extent that they are willing to ignore a price volatility of about 60%.

All these steps will surely have a positive impact on the mind of the investors and all the merchants out there. All these steps will convince people that they need to trust the Bitcoin and invest their efforts to explore the Bitcoin.

The more knowledgeable a person is the better he will be able to use the Bitcoin Investment. The popularity of this digital currency will also give rise to new challenges and all the major platforms will have to take some serious measures to make the digital currency transactions secure.

At the moment we can all hope that Dorsey’s prediction about the future of the Bitcoin turns out to be true and it continues its success regime.