The Swiss crypto exchange Dex.Top is creating headlines

Switzerland has decided to step into the race and make the relevant progress in the digital currency sector. The good news is that Swiss exchanges are also making progress in this regard. Recently, a Swiss exchange by the name of Dex.Top introduced the concept of smart contracts for managing the decentralized trades.

Dex.Top truly deserves credit for being a versatile exchange. The best thing is that this exchange is compatible with RSK and Ethereum networks as well. The exchange makes use of the smart contracts for holding the assets.

The good news is that the users of Dex.Top have complete control over their assets and can access them whenever they feel the need. The users also need to sign the transactions related to their assets. All this adds up to the element of security. No wonder the users are willing to invest their trust in Dex.Top.

The platform makes use of a specialized algorithm for securing the assets. This algorithm is known as the Rafts algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is to improve the usability and security of the platform.

The algorithm makes use of Replayed on chain mechanism. This helps to provide the instant trading opportunity to the traders. At the moment this platform makes use of the ERC-20 framework but the developers are eager to make more progress in the near future. They have made up their mind to add up more public blockchains to this platform.

All the exclusive features offered by Dex.Top will be available for the users by the end of May. At the moment the users have to use Metamask as the wallet for managing the Dex.Top transactions.

When the users wish to make a deposit or if they want to transfer their assets, then in this case they will have to sign the transaction using the Metamask UI. The exchange Dex.Top is also planning its expansion in the near future. It will be collaborating with other wallets.

The only problem with this exchange is that at the moment they have limited volume and the number of users is also limited. However, once the exchange is fully functional, then these limitations will be eliminated automatically and the users will be able to enjoy the facilities offered by this exchange.

If Dex.Top operates as per its game plan, then there is no turning back for this exchange and its popularity will surely continue to increase.