The latest innovation in the field of digital currency: Revealer Zero

There are rapid advancements in the field of cryptocurrency now and then. Lately, a new product emerged on the forefront by the name of Revealer Zero. It can be defined as a card system that is quite useful in encrypting and decrypting the digital currency seed phrases. This product has been put up by Tiago Romagnani Silveira.

The benefit of Revealer Zero is that it permits the users to print the cryptocurrency backups and store them as well. These digital currency backups are stored in an encrypted form. What is exciting about this product is that the seed phrases can be easily be decrypted optically without the need for a computer.

Every Revealer consists of a unique code. The unique code has about 128 bits of entropy that is encoded in the hex format.

The last three digits of the code are representative of a checksum. The entropy is basically used for creating the public and the private keys. The Revealer’s dimensions are indicated by the version number. The 128 bits are used for creating the noise encoded on the card.

What is so exciting about the Revealer is that it offers the two-factor backup to the users. As a user, you can opt-in for the encryption dialogue box for encrypting the digital currency seed. The host computer is used in this situation for deriving the randomness.

Next, the program makes use of a cryptographic scheme known as noise to blur the seed phrases which can then be printed. The seed phrases can easily be decrypted using the Revealer Zero.

If you are eager to secure your digital currency based mnemonic phrases, then the best thing to do at this point in time is to make use of Revealer Zero. The users can also encode their cards with ease using Revealer Zero. The company behind Revealer Zero claims that they do not have any access to the secrets.

If you are eager to make the best use of Revealer Zero, then what you should do is explore this product in detail. Check out the reviews of the product if available so that you are confident about the fact that you are making the right selection.

There is no denying the fact that the Revealer Zero sound backup solution is a great innovation and the users will surely be excited to put it to good use so go for it.