PayPal Users Receive an Intimidating Warning Email Related to Bitcoin Investing

This week turned out to be quite happening for the PayPal users. As per the policy of PayPal digital currency trading is prohibited. These users received a warning email because they were involved in the transfer and trading of Bitcoin investing.

The users were warned to cease any particular activity that involved the transfer or trading of digital currency. What appears strange is that even loyal PayPal users were sent this mail. David Veksler who is associated with the Foundation for Economic Education received this email despite having a 17-year-old PayPal account.

Apparently, about 200 million users got this Bitcoin investing mail so this something that cannot be ignored by any means at all. What needs to be mentioned here is that the email looked quite professional. It had a formal title that mentioned the warning, and it looked like an official email from PayPal.

However, PayPal had a different answer to all this when Veksler decided to do a bit of investigation on his part. He got in touch with the support team of PayPal, and they said that the email address did not seem to be legit.

Now, at this moment it is important that PayPal should address this issue on an immediate basis because this company is reputed and operates in more than 200 countries. The users are also perplexed about his happening and need an answer.

Even the company is contradicting the email as per Veksler. He stated that the policy does not state anywhere that trading the digital currency is prohibited. The latest happening is that Paypal has stated on its community page that the email issue has been resolved.

However, this issue seems to be resolved for only those users who have personally contacted the support team to discuss this issue. There is a dire need that PayPal should set up a well-defined policy to address these issues.

Such emails trigger uncertainty in the customers who are not willing to make any compromises when it comes to the PayPal services. If by any means PayPal has made any changes to its policy, then it is important that it should let the users know so that they do not have any misconceptions at all.

These emails seem to be a clear case of spam, and this can seriously hamper PayPal’s reputation. If the company ignores this happening, then a lot is on the line for them.