Kranj unveils an impressive bitcoin monument

Bitcoin is gradually winning acceptance. A proof of this fact is the monument that has been placed in Kranj a Slovenian city. This city has the honor of inaugurating the first ever bitcoin monument.

Bitstamp a popular bitcoin exchange financed this monument. 3fs a software company also contributed for the creation of this monument. The metal sculpture that weighs about 3 tonne surely presents an impressive picture. The monument has a diameter of about 7 meters. Currently, the monument has been placed in the Kranj courthouse.

Immense effort was put up to design this bitcoin monument. The artists who actively took part in this effort include the names of Aleksander Francekin and Selman Corovic. All the intricacies were taken care off while designing this monument.

The interesting part was that the decision to place this monument was taken by the citizens. Bostjan Trilar who is the mayor of Kranj revealed that they had put up a suggestion request on Facebook. They had asked the citizens to suggest what they would like to see on the new roundabout in the city of Kranj.

The bitcoin monument was the first idea that was put up on Facebook. The reason why this idea sounded so exciting was that most of the citizens in the city of Kranj are connected with the blockchain technology, so this monument was a way to honor these individuals.

The monument was also meant to send a special message to the entire world. The people of Kranj wanted to send the message that they are open to the new digital technology and welcome the change in this regard. In fact, now the Slovenian officials are more serious about generating awareness in people about the new innovative technologies and why they should embrace the technology.

The Slovenian Government wants to establish a proper climate for the DLT businesses and is leaving no stone unturned to achieve this milestone. The DLT businesses are also optimistic that the Government will give them all the possible assistance when it comes to dealing with the financial limitations.

Apparently, it seems that the bitcoin monument is symbolic of the upcoming success of the DLT businesses in the city of Kranj. Hopefully the city of Kranj will come up with more such monuments in the near future which are surely going to be an inspiration for the citizens and people based in other parts of the world.