Itadaki Dungeon offering free bitcoin rewards to the players

A new Japanese iOS game has been launched and it has surely gained the attention of the Bitcoin investors. The name of the game is Itadaki Dungeon. This game offers about 3000 underground levels and the players get a chance to collect microbits of BTC during the game.

The interesting part is that the game is available completely free of cost and it has so much to offer to the players. They get a chance to deal with treasure and special items. This 2d game glues the players to the game till the very end.

The theme of the game is that the players have to kill monsters that are all set to harm them. The players can use several different weapons to kill the monsters. They can use guns, swords or hammers to sabotage the monsters. This theme adds to the appeal of the game.

The players get to see these bitcoin bits while they are moving through the landscape. The players have to grab the opportunity and snatch the bitcoin bits right away. The players can add the free bitcoin bits in their collected items.

The player has the freedom to gather as many free bitcoin bits as he wants and this is why most people are so enthusiastic about this game. No wonder this game has got some decent reviews. Even on Google Play it has been able to acquire a rating of about 4.1 which shows that most of the players are satisfied with this game.

This is why it will be a smart idea to explore this mobile app and discover the differed features that are offered by Itadaki Dungeon. Once you are aware of the art of playing this game, then winning will not be a challenge at all. However, you should not expect to become a millionaire playing this game. What is required on your part is consistency while playing the game. Remember you will earn free bitcoins, bits of mBTC so this means that you will have to go through several courses and levels to reach your desired goal.

Let us hope that the developers bring about some more improvements in this game and facilitate the players to win a massive amount of free bitcoins rather than just the BTC bits. If the game continues its success journey, then there is a possibility that the game owner might increase the rewards to make the game more enticing for the player.