Innovative Bitcoin Cash Promotion by Mini-Sprint Car Driver Corsair Hancock is Making Heads Turn

Bitcoin Cash is the talk of the town these days, and Corsair Hancock has just sent this message in quite an innovative way. Hancock is the driver of a mini-sprint car. The interesting part is that this mini-sprint car was a Hyper Chassis way back in 2007.

Hancock has participated in many big races in Oklahoma and California. The transformation of the Hyper Chassis took place because Hancock wanted to spread the word about digital currency at the race tracks using his Bitcoin Cash racer.

Hancock took a lot of pain in this activity. The Hyper Chassis was completely rebuilt to come up with the perfect version of the mini-sprint car with the Bitcoin Cash logos. These logos are spot-on and effectively communicate the intended message. In fact, the onlookers love to see a glimpse of this unique mini-sprint car.

This mini-sprint car driver has huge plans in mind. He plans to take part in a 23 race series. This race just commenced about two weeks back.
Interestingly, this race got all the needed attention. About 1000 to 2000 fans turned up at the race. This car is quite impressive when it comes to the performance as well. If this mini-sprint racer competes on a mini track, then it can easily reach a speed of about 60mph.

It can achieve higher speed targets on bigger tracks. This Bitcoin Cash racer can acquire a speed of 100 mph on a big track. Now, these Bitcoin logos will leave many dwelling on why Hancock wanted to promote Bitcoin Cash in the first place.

Well, there is a reason behind it. Hancock is a Bitcoin miner also and has been active in mining for quite some time. He thought that when people watch the Bitcoin Cash racer at the tracks, then this will draw their attention to Bitcoin Cash.

Hancock believed that the racer could be more of a motivation for the onlookers to download wallets and get hold of Bitcoin Cash. Hancock is keen to continue his race routine and plans to participate in California Speed Week also.

His unique perception truly needs to be applauded, and it seems that his mini-sprint car with Bitcoin logos will be able to create some more Bitcoin Cash fans. Hancock is trying to send a value added message through his Bitcoin Cash logos, and that is Bitcoin mining and investments are worth the time and effort.