ICO trackers all set to make or break the ICO ventures

The ICO industry has paved way for many other businesses also. The best known example are the tracker sites. The purpose of the tracker sites is that they monitor the ICO projects. These tracker sites earn a massive amount for their reviews. What needs to be mentioned here is that the review of these sites can actually ruin or make the ICO projects.

The interesting part is that most of the ICO projects are now proudly flaunting the names of the sites that feature them. We can consider the example of Safe Haven in this regard. This project specially caters to the problem of digital inheritance.

This project has got three different logos displayed on its respective site. These logos are of the review sites which include Coin Schedule, ICO List and ICO Daily. The purpose of mentioning these tracker sites is to convince the audience about the authenticity of the project.

It will not be wrong to say that the tracker sites have become the perfect marketing tool for the ICO ventures and the tracker sites are cashing out by talking about these ICO projects. What sounds strange is that 12 months back these tracker sites were non-existent.

However, the audience can surely benefit from the reviews of the tracker site. Just by reading the review a person can get a fair idea about the ICO venture. This surely saves up on the time spent on exploring the venture and the reviews can wash off the apprehensions in the mind of the investor.

The tracker sites have a major responsibility in hand and that is they have to give fair reviews for the ICO projects. The reason is that they are some ICO ventures that are willing to pay to earn good reviews. All honest tracker sites need to condemn this attitude because this will eventually deprive the user of the opportunity to read honest reviews about the ICO ventures.

Most of the tracker sites also unveil various tools that can turn out to be quite valuable for an investor who is eager to invest in an ICO project. If you are planning to invest in an ICO, then you need to do some serious research about the best tracker sites and make sure that you go through the reviews of your favourite ICO project in detail.

This is an authentic approach to avoid financial losses and a responsible tracker site can pave way for profitable investment opportunities for the potential investor.