Huobi’s Research-A survey on Bitcoin Current Sentiments

As per the reports about the cryptocurrencies, the prices are rising with time, especially in the first three months of 2018. After the survey, it was concluded that there are almost 80% chances that shortly the prices will go even higher.

Huobi’s Research was on a mission to investigate the reality of where the cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins are standing at present. They started to do a survey in which they approached almost 2000 people belonging to more than 20 countries in the world.

For the survey, Huobi’s Research circulated the questionnaires in people, both on the internet and personally by approaching them. The evaluation scale was set up for the Bitcoins survey. From scale 10 to 100, it was thought that the score at 50 would mean that the value remained unchanged.

Huobi’s Research Survey Study Findings

Th results of the Huobi’s Research survey study has shown that there are almost 72% composite investors right now in the Bitcoin industry. The sentiments that were for short term are 61%, the medium is of 76%, and the long-term was come out to be more than 80%.

Overall, 77% of the Bitcoin investors are of the viewpoint that the prices of Bitcoin will increase even more than before, in the next couple of years. Even some of them are of the view that the coming winter of 2018 would be an amazing time for Bitcoin market and that the rise would be very sharp.

55% people are of the view that the prices will sharply increase while 30% were not sure about it. Another 24% were negative about the price rise of Bitcoin, and according to to them it is impossible for the Bitcoin to raise its value in coming months, rather it will even decrease from the current value. The expectations about the near future, that is, for the next few months are not very good, but still, they are optimistic enough to encourage more people to invest in it.

Final Prospects About Bitcoin Prices

It is seen that most of the investors that are hopeful about the future prices of Bitcoin are those that belong to medium and long-term market. Details have shown that almost 80% are confident about price rise in next three months and remaining are of the view that maybe it will not rise this quickly, but it rises till winters.