A Sure Fire Way of How to Get Free Bitcoins Fast

Best Ways of How to Get Free Bitcoins Fast


If you’ve been watching the news, or have simply been on your favorite social platform, you’ve likely heard of Bitcoin because of how much it’s worth. At one point just a single bitcoin was worth almost $20,000 and that means people were going absolutely crazy for it.

When BTC hit the market, it was worth $0.01 a piece, meaning the people who bought 1,000 BTC at $0.1 only spent $10 and it was worth around $18,000,000 when it was at its peak.

Now, BTC dropped in value a few months ago, but that’s normal when investors get scared and dump all of the coins at once. It’s a common trend and BTC has shown to start an upward trend just like the major traders predicted.

Even if you bought 1,000 BTC at $1.00 a piece, you would have around $7,000,000 in your wallet, which isn’t a bad investment at all if you think about it!

There are free ways to acquire BTC, but there aren’t many discussions of how to get free bitcoins fast, and that’s what this article will go over. You need to know the good and bad of the Bitcoin environment before you start your journey to profits. If you just dive in, you’ll likely lose everything due to being taken advantage of or simply lose your investment because you don’t know what you’re doing.

The “Not so Good” Ways of How to Get Free Bitcoins Fast

  • Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are NOT a good way to generate bitcoin simply because of the amount of work you have to put in before you start seeing any money going into your accounts. A lot of people think of this method as a faucet opened all the way up and bitcoin coming out as fast as water would come out of your sink, which isn’t how this works at all. This is more of a dripping faucet that will take up all of your time and effort to get back a few dollars if you’re one of the lucky ones!

Many studies have shown that investing 1 week of work with faucets will gain you around $0.10 per hour you’ve invested. You could literally go around your town and ask people for a dollar to get a coffee and make more than you would with BitCoin faucets!

Think about it, you will make $1.00 a day if you’re working for 10 hours. That’s insane because you can focus your attention elsewhere and make 100x or even 500x that if you just know what you’re doing and don’t fall for hyped up ad copy that is written in a way to get your to think Bitcoin faucets are the way to go when you want to strike it rich.

  • Bitcoin Casinos

These “casinos” are run just like any of the big corporations in Vegas. You’re gambling to make a profit, but you likely won’t, because the house always wins! The software behind these bitcoin casinos is extremely complex and it’s difficult to say how many people are actually winning. Sure, you’ll see people claim they’ve made $1,000 through these casinos, but you don’t always see the thousands of others who have lost $10. This means that the $1,000 winner is so happy that they go and praise the casino while the losers just sulk in shame and keep putting money in.

The really bad thing about this is the casinos will give you a sort of credit, which isn’t anything more than a digital claim to your bitcoin, and it’s actually still under lock and key by the casino itself. You won’t be able to withdraw your winnings, meaning you will have to keep playing on that same platform/casino, so eventually, you will lose all of your money or you will be the richest person on that platform and you still won’t be able to withdraw your profits πŸ™

  • Bitcoin Lotteries

When it comes to gambling, the main way people do it is through lotteries, mainly because it’s the legal version of doing it no matter where you are. The bitcoin lottery is no different than any other mega million lotteries you have in your state or country. You will pay $1 or more for a bid/ticket/numbers and you will have a 1 in 500,000 or 1,000,000 chance of winning. Now, if you play the actual lottery, you know the odds of winning are much greater, meaning it’s more difficult to win, and that’s why the bitcoin lottery is so enticing to the digitally savvy people.

Yes, you can win a lot of bitcoin this way but you will likely lose everything you invest because the odds are stacked against you even more than within the bitcoin casinos. How many people do you know that have one a mega million dollar lottery? You probably don’t know anyone, and if you do, you’re a rare statistic because the amount of people who have won compared to the people that have played is staggering.

The bitcoin lottery is not the ideal way of how to get free bitcoins fast because there’s no guarantee you will get anything in return for your investment.

  • Bitcoin Cloud Mining

I’m sure a lot of people have tried this, mainly because it’s one of the most popular ways to mine any sort of cryptocurrency, but this is not the best way of how to get free bitcoins fast. If you know how servers work, you likely have tried to set up your own system to mine your bitcoin, but your home becomes loud and hot due to all the computers and fans that are running in one of your rooms. Now, if you go the cloud mining route, you won’t have all this hardware running in your home, making it cooler and much quieter.

Cloud mining isn’t the best way to acquire bitcoin because there is a high risk of fraud, less profit due to having to pay a fee for the usage of servers, and lack of control you actually have when trying to mine your bitcoin. Think of it, you’re still renting servers and paying someone to use their resources, but it’s much more of an open platform and that makes it easy for people to take advantage of you.

The Absolute Best Way of How to Get Free Bitcoins Fast!

bitcoin investing

Bitcoin Investment Platforms

Investing into bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to acquire coins, and it’s also the safest because the bitcoin goes directly into your wallet and not as a credit to your account, which is why people prefer to go the investment route over anything else. The security of BitcoInvest is why people choose this platform because they want to be sure their investments are safe from fraud. Any money/coins you have in your wallet is actually yours, it’s not locked onto a platform where they decide what happens to your investment, and that means this is the absolute best way to get free bitcoins fast!

What you’ll be doing is paying a small fee up front and making it back in 30 days. This means you can invest a minimum of 0.05 BTC and make that back in 30 days, which is amazing πŸ˜€ The more you invest, the more you make back and profit along the way! Investing in a platform like this is the absolute best free bitcoin method because you don’t have to do any of the work. You’re essentially hiring someone who already knows the game inside and out to do the work for you and your profit next month!

BitcotInvestΒ is the best investment platform for how to get free bitcoins fast because they have a proven track record and have actually gotten plenty of people profits in a short amount of time! They’re less than a month old and they already have hundreds of positive reviews, that’s actually unheard of and it seems their reviews are accumulating more and more each day!

They actually do a massive amount of day trading, which is the act of purchasing and then trading the same stock or bitcoin within that same day, turning a quick profit along the way that gets funneled to the investors. You’re essentially hiring a wolf of wall street that knows bitcoin inside and out to do the work for you, then send money directly to your digital wallet because you’re one of their loyal investors!

BitcoInvest actually has an amazing referral program that gets you 50% of your referral’s investment! If your referral invests 10 BTC, you get 5 BTC deposited directly into your wallet, no questions asked! This is the best referral program that is available for anything related to bitcoin, mainly because of the high payouts!

Again, BitcoInvest is only a month old and shows no signs of slowing down. The more investors they get, the more profits they can make for everyone, and that’s always a good thing for everyone involved! BI has been working with cryptocurrency for a long time, they didn’t just start a month ago, which makes them a leading authority in the field even though they just opened up to investors that want to turn a quick profit in 30 days.

In the end

The best way for how to get free bitcoins fast is to use an investing platform like BitcoinInvest and see what they can do with your BTC. The more you invest, the more you profit, and that’s always an amazing thing because you can just reinvest and make even more money down the road.