Great News ahead for Football Fans: Russia to offer BTC as a payment option

There is some exciting news ahead for all the Football fans out there. Kaliningrad will be hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018, and the fans will not have to make cash payments to pay for their accommodation. The reason is now they have a new facility in hand. The fans can pay for the accommodation using digital currency when they visit Russia this year.

This initiative has been taken by Apartments Malina that is located in Kaliningrad. It seems that many other hotels in Kaliningrad will also follow the example of this hotel. The reason is that is that digital currency is the most exciting mode of payment that exists today.

This surely sounds like an exciting development. All this is happening because hotels that are based in Kaliningrad are joining hands with a local payment provider to provide this exclusive service to the customers.

The reason the hotel has decided to offer this facility to the customers is that they are witnessing an increased interest in the digital currency. The hotel management feels that the customers see digital currency as a more convenient option. This facility has been offered to keep into consideration the client psyche.

The hotel management feels that if they offer this latest technology, they will be able to increase their customer portfolio, and this will positively affect their business.

The truth is that Russia is making massive advancements when it comes to accepting the new trends. Offering BTC as a mode of payment shows that the locals welcome the new trends. Currently, it seems that the digital currency holds a bright future in Russia.

Two bills were also passed this year. The objective of these bills was to regulate the different aspects of the digital currency. The initial bill focused on legalizing the initial coin offerings, mining operations, and the blockchain technology.

The second law focused on securing the rights of the investors when investing in digital currency. This law is also bent upon regulating the digital currency. This is why people should not have any apprehensions in mind if they intend to make use of digital currency in Kaliningrad.

Now, people can confidently visit Kaliningrad without the worry that they have limited payment options. However, all the hotels that offer BTC payment option in Kaliningrad should ensure that the customers do not face any technical problems when managing their transactions. This is necessary to promote BTC as a payment option.