Golix ready to step in the African market

Golix, one of the leading exchanges in Zimbabwe, has new plans. The attention of this exchange is now diverted towards the African countries. Golix has decided to focus its attention on South-Africa, Uganda, and Kenya.

Golix has planned to continue its trading activities in the African countries. The reason is that Golix has decided to expand its operations throughout the continent. Well, this can be termed as a smart approach. The reason is that if this exchange can establish global reach, then it is bound to gain more popularity.

Golix has decided to become one of the top exchanges in Africa. This exchange has been offering trading services in Zimbabwe for quite some time. In fact, it has been functioning in Zimbabwe for the past three years. The truth is that Golix was enjoying a monopoly in Zimbabwe for quite some time and it was the only exchange functioning there.

At the moment Golix has about 50,000 users in Zimbabwe, and it has been processing transactions worth $20 million. This exchange did its bit of research in Zimbabwe, and it has realized the fact that the crypto structure is quite slow in African countries.

This is one of the reasons that Golix has decided to function in Zimbabwe. The exchange has also decided to conduct a token sale in the African countries. This token sale is worth $32 million. The main objective of this coin offering is to facilitate the international payments. At the same time, Golix aims to offer instant remittances.

The best part is that clients from different parts of the world will be able to get hold of the GLX tokens from this exchange by making use of the fiat currencies. The coins that will be issued by Golix will be used to get hold of other digital currencies available on the exchange’s respective trading platform.

Golix has decided that it will charge the clients less in comparison to the charges of traditional banks. This will sure entice more clients to avail the facilities of this exchange. The future of Golix seems to be quite promising.

However, it is essential that this exchange plans out things well if it wants to get its due share of success in Africa. It is important that the exchange creates awareness in Africa about the facilities it offers. This way more people will be inclined to avail the service of Golix.