DNM operators now find it difficult to cash out into the fiat currency

Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency that has experienced a significant increase in its value in the recent years. It was even able to hit the value of $19600 and the exchange rate is about $8500 as per date. If we compare this value with records of last year, then the value of the coin was less than $1000.

This massive increase in the value of the digital currency has made some of the investors quite rich. Well, though most of us like to talk about those millionaires we surely do not want to discuss the Darknet markets.

However, the fact of the matter is that these markets do exist in the real world. DNM vendors and operators are the ones that readily adopted the Bitcoin in its early stages but cashing out into the fiat currency is not easy for these vendors.

This is why they are putting their innovation to test. The truth is that the DNM vendors have left no stone unturned to cash out the BTC. Some even have the courage to come out and reveal how they cashed out digital currency.

One method that is used by the DNM operators is coin mixing. These coins are sold to the potential buyers and they pay the vendors cash for the digital currency. This is a straightforward cashing out methods in comparison to the other methods.

Some of the vendors also buy pre-paid cards using the BTC. These pre-paid cards offer gift redemptions and credit. This is how the DNM vendors have been operating. Some of the DNM vendors have also been using Western Union for cashing out.

The vendors send their coins to this platform and this way the coins get transferred to the Western Union accounts.

If we look at the records, then startling revelations will surface up about the DNM operators. Some DNM operators have even able to make about 200 thousand USD each year by dealing in BTC.

What DNM vendors do is that they make use of unique techniques for using the funds but things are become more difficult for the vendors now. It is because many blockchain surveillance companies have surfaced up.

These companies are closely monitoring the DNM vendors. This will eventually affect the income of these vendors in the coming years and perhaps they may not be able to claim the title of the self-proclaimed millionaires in the near future.