Cryptocurrency grabbing the attention of the young investors in South-Korea

The latest survey conducted this week by the Korean Financial Investors just revealed some startling revelations about digital currency investors. Currently, the South Korean Youth is quite enthusiastic about digital currency and is focused on investing in the cryptocurrency.

Yonhap a regional publication also endorsed the fact that Korean in the 20’s age group is the reason behind the success of the digital currency venture in Korea. Financial Korean Investors also disclosed that about 19.3% South Korean digital currency investors are in the 30’s age bracket, and about 12% belong to the forties age group.

The interesting part is that South Koreans in their 50’s and 60’s are also keen to make investments in the digital currency. As per Financial Korean Investors survey, South Korea has about 8.2% investors in their 50’s and about 10.5% investors in their 60’s

No wonder the cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing a boom in South Korea. The statistics related to the digital currency investors in South Korea will leave many surprised. In all about 2 million, South Koreans are the proud owners of digital currencies like Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

At the moment South-Korea can confidently claim to be the fourth largest economy in the world. This means that cryptocurrency seems to have a bright future in South-Korea keeping into consideration that it is the choice of the younger generation.

This younger generation will be able to nurture better prospects for the growth of the digital currency. In fact, digital currency investment has become more of a trend in South-Korea, and this is why now individuals belonging to all age brackets are keen to invest in cryptocurrency.

Apparently, it seems that the 60’s age group investor ratio is negligible, but reality presents a different picture altogether. The truth is that this age group holds the highest record when it comes to the number of investments in the digital currency.

The 60’s age group has already spent about $6,161 on their investment. As per the survey the 30’s age group has invested about $3,478, and the 20’s age group leads with an investment of about $27.2k in cryptocurrency. The South-Koreans perceive the digital currency as a payment service and as an investment also.

If we look at the statistics about 70% South- Koreans view digital currency as an investment and about 34% perceive the digital currency as a payment service. Thus it can be safely concluded that digital currency will continue its successful tenure in South-Korea.