Coinbase achieves a major milestone in the form of e-money license

The popular digital currency exchange Coinbase is eager to continue its success journey and is eager to increase the global market share. Recently, Coinbase declared that UK Financial Conduct Authority has just allocated the e-money license to Coinbase.

Now, the exchange can easily provide payment services and can issue the e-money. Coinbase will be able to enjoy many other perks as well due to the allocation of the license. They can easily trade with other member states of the European Union. This surely gives a significant edge to Coinbase in comparison to the other exchanges operating in the digital currency world.

This FCA license will be able to benefit Coinbase clients also. The reason is that this exchange can easily form new partnerships and it will become easier to use the services of Coinbase. This exchange is now motivated to provide better services to the clients.

Coinbase believes that they have to ensure that the client funds are secure. This exchange is also bent upon the fact that their e-money operations should match up with those of the other financial institutions. This way they can easily maintain their lead in the market.

This license will give Coinbase access to about 23 countries that are currently the member of the European Union. Coinbase believes that now it will be accessible to more people and these people will be able to benefit from the services of this reputed exchange.

This exchange has also planned some advancement in its system. They are planning to introduce the much needed support for the FPS. The objective of Coinbase is that they will provide a quick payment experience to the users supported by the UK based banks. This way the users will not have to deal with any payment issues or delays.

However, to make this happen Coinbase will need to devise a fool-proof strategy. They need to invest upon more manpower also. This way they can easily provide excellent services to a huge portfolio of clients. Though it seems that this is a moment of jubilation for Coinbase but at the moment the real challenge is to streamline things in the best possible way.

The initial spade work has already been done and they have already won the confidence of users by acquiring the FCA license. If Coinbase is able to achieve this milestone, then they will surely be ruling the crypto world in no time so let us wish them good luck.