Bing to ban digital currency ads

Bing search engine has decided to take some major steps and it has updated its policy regarding the cryptocurrency ads. At the moment Bing has decided that it will not allow the digital currency ads. The purpose of this move is that Bing is keen to provide a safe environment to its users and they want to offer a reliable digital ecosystem.

Apparently, this seems to be a smart move on the part of Bing because cryptocurrency ads can lead the users into opting for digital currency scams. The users who are comparatively new to digital currency are more vulnerable to these scams.

The main reason Bing does not want to promote the digital currency ads is that they are not regulated at the moment so the transparency element is missing. This is what eventually poses a major risk to the users who are keen to use the digital currency. If the regulations would have been there, then there is a possibility that Bing may not have been so apprehensive about promotion of digital currency ads.

It seems that Bing is quite conscious about its reputation. Currently, it grabs about 60% of the internet traffic so it seems that a lot is on the line for this search engine. The rule to ban the promotion of digital currency ads was initiated in the end of January. The rule explicitly stated that no such financial products should be promoted that can lead to deceptive scams.

Well, the truth is that this may not turn out to be good news for all the genuine digital currency ventures because they are being deprived of a platform for promotion. Apparently, it seems that Bing has followed in the footsteps of the major social media platforms like Twitter that have already banned the digital currency ads.

At the moment it seems that Bing is not ready to make any relaxations regarding the ban but things may become a bit flexible in the near future provided regulations are established for digital currency Ad promotion as well.

It seems that the digital currency community needs to work hard to acquire the trust of search engines like Bing. The digital currency exchanges need to organize their operations and streamline all the essential elements so that search engines like Bing take interest in their promotion.

At the moment all this seems hard but this is not an impossible endeavor for sure.