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1. Get Up To 5% on Your Return


*UPDATE 02/08/2019: we are testing our new referral system.

If you have a deposit going on and have access to your referrals email accounts this is your best option.

You get 1%, 3% or 5% per each referral that you bring. 1% added to the 3 days plan, 3% added to the 10 day plan and 5% added to the 30 day plan.

Let’s say you bring in two friends & your sister and you’re investing in the 10 day plan. 9% will be added to your return. Instead of receiving 50% you’ll be getting 59%. If you’re investing in the 3 day plan you’ll be getting 13% instead of 10%.

Because too many people have abused our referral system (making investments under their affiliate link by using different computers/IPs etc) you’ll have to send us each email address of your referrals at admin@bitcoinvest.co.in. Please send the info from the email address you are using to make deposits on our website.

For the sake of example: You are making deposits with your email address yourname@gmail.com. You just told your friend about this business opportunity and he wants to join. He makes a deposit using this email address yourfriend@gmail.com. Just send us an email from yourname@gmail.com with your buddy’s email address, yourfriend@gmail.com, and you’re good.

PS: Don’t try to game our system, it will only get you banned. Thank you.

2. Get Your Referral Link

Enter Your Bitcoin Address

*the email field is optional, complete that if you want to get notified by email when you get the payment from us.

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This option requires 0$ to start rolling. We pay 50% of each initial investment that you bring under your referral link. Bring us a “whale” and you can retire early.

* NOTE: You are not allowed to use your referral link for your own deposits.

We use advanced technology to make our referral links pretty. They look like a URL shortener. Ex: https://bitcoinvest.co.in/4eu3. Why? The click-through rate is higher and they will not be considered referral links by sites who hate affiliate links.

When a user lands on our site through your referral link it won’t see ugly identifiers after the domain name. Ex: https://bitcoinvest.co.in/?ref=0D798Bf3425234fa. They will only see the root domain https://bitcoinvest.co.in but you will still be credited for the sale, only that our tracking software runs in the background.

We don’t hold your commissions, you get paid immediately to your Bitcoin address after a deposit has been made under your referral link.

Due to security reasons, we don’t have a panel where you can log in to see your referral stats. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying secure when it comes to cryptocurrency.

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  1. Osas Iyamu May 9, 2019 at 10:35 am

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