BCH receives whole-hearted acceptance from the merchants

Bitcoin cash payments have gained immense hype and most of the merchants are quite eager to adopt the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. This is one of the reasons that Bitpay has integrated the Bitcoin Cash payments for the convenience of the vendors.

Bitpay has a massive list of vendors. The names include Namecheap,Vultr, Wefunder,Zeek and Gyft. The credit goes to Bitpay for streamlining Bitcoin Cash payments in a way that users are willing to trust this company.

All this is happening because the digital currency fever has taken the world by storm and the number of crypto merchants has increased since the year 2017. The number of merchants has increased in Asia, Europe US and South America.

The good news is that the Bitcoin Cash Payments are also compatible with BIP70 which is the Bitcoin Protocol. Wallets like the Bitcoin Core and BRD Wallet are also compatible with the Payment protocol.

Now, the Bitcoin Cash can also be used for making donations to different non-profit organizations and charities as well.

If the BCH users have the access to these wallets, then they can make use of any particular Bitpay merchant. To add to the pleasure of Bitcoin cash users, Bitpay has joined hands with Bithumb. It is a South-Korean exchange.

The two companies are working on coming up with a unique payment solution that will utilize BCH and BTC to facilitate cheaper cost for the South-Korean business. This deal will be beneficial for South- Korean businesses because at the moment the South-Korean companies are even paying about $5 million on an invoice.

Using BCH will help these companies reduce their costs. No wonder they are all set to welcome BCH integration.

There are many other exchanges that are following the footsteps of Bitpay and one such exchange is Coinbase.

This exchange has also decided to offer BCH support for the users. Coinbase has just introduced a new merchant plugin and the users can go for BCH payments when making use of this plugin. Coinbase is quite a reputed exchange and BCH support will surely be welcomed by the users.

It seems that the popularity of BCH ecosystem is going to continue in the coming months and more companies will be eager to opt for BCH integration. Now, it has become a dire need for all digital currency users to gain adequate knowledge about BCH ecosystem so that they can benefit from the BCH support.