Automation Company Mailchimp puts an end to digital currency promotion

Mailchimp a reputed email automation company is in the limelight these days. The company has taken a major decision and apparently it has decided to halt ICO promotion. It seems that Mailchimp is going to stick to its decision and it has updated its terms and conditions accordingly.

If you go through the user policy of Mailchimp you will notice the fact that digital currency promotion is included in the Prohibited Section. The policy clearly states that it will not permit any business that is involved in the production, marketing or sales of the digital currencies.

Most people are wondering why Mailchimp has taken such a major decision. The common school of thought at the moment is that the digital currency scams are a common happening these days. This is why Mailchimp wanted to safeguard all the businesses that make use of the marketing services of this company.

This new policy will be effective from the month of April. Mailchimp is not the only company that has taken such a major decision about digital currency promotion. Initially, Facebook banned digital currency ads that promoted the virtual currencies and ICO’s.

Twitter did the same and it also banned promotional content related to virtual currencies. Google has also announced that it will be making some changes to its policy regarding the digital currency promotion.

Whether this step is right or wrong is more of a controversial debate. Ideally, it would have been better if all these platforms scrutinized the promotional content rather than banning the digital currency related content altogether.

This may negatively affect the future of the virtual currency. The regulators also need to play their role here and they need to devise strong policies that monitor the promotional content related to the digital currency. This is the only way platforms will not lose their trust in this promotional content.

When strong policies are defined related to the promotion of digital currency, then the scams can be identified with ease. However, the truth is that the current trend does not seem to be positive when it comes to digital currency promotion.

There is also a possibility that more companies will follow the example of these industry giants and ban the promotion of digital currency. Hopefully, major decisions will be taken by the digital currency regulators to ensure everyone’s trust in digital currency promotion. The steps need to be taken fast before it gets too late.