Antiwar offering Bitcoin Cash as a reward for participating in the art competition

War is something that the human race has condemned for quite some time. The tragic part is that the human voice has still gone unheard due to various factors. The good news is that now many non-profit organizations have the taken the initiative to condemn war openly. took a major step in this regard and decided to launch an art competition. The basic objective of this contest is to promote peace. People will be free to express their school of through in this competition and put forward their perception about peace.

What Antiwar is looking for is the perfect peace expression that is bound to make an impact on the onlooker. Now, people obviously need some perks to getting enticed to participate in this competition. This is why Antiwar has announced that it will be giving away prizes.

The prizes have a worth of about $15000. This is why the participants should get enthusiastic about participating in this competition. The perks are impressive enough to boost the morale of the participants.

There will be three prizes in total. The person who acquires the first position will get about $300 in the Bitcoin Cash. The is offering 7.0 ZenCash as the second prize. The second prize winners can also get tee-shirt.

If a person gets the third prize, then he can get a Peace Now tee-shirt or 1oz Silver Card.

The bitcoin prize will be given by the team. There are other prize options available also, but this sounds to be the most alluring offer for Bitcoin investors.

The participant who ends up winning this amount can utilize Bitcoin Cash in different ways. The truth is that if the participant gets prizes in Bitcoin Cash, then this is the best way to promote this digital currency also.

This is why people should make it a point to participate in this competition. Winning the Bitcoin Cash award can be equally rewarding for the new investors also. They can get a chance to explore what Bitcoin Cash is all about and how they can profit from it.

There should be more such competitions shortly. This way organizations can achieve a dual motive. They can promote their cause and encourage the investors to invest in digital currency.

Hopefully, Antiwar will continue to launch such competitions and offer generous awards like Bitcoin Cash to the users and people will continue to participate.