A Chinese Engineer Hacking Attempt On Bitcoin Generation System

China is an emerging economy because they are investing in everything that will help them grow and prosper. Bitcoin is one of the choices that China has made very seriously. There are some companies for Bitcoin, especially in Beijing, the capital of the country.

Recently, an engineer was caught, who was accused of stealing bitcoins from his own company that he is working for. Almost 90% of the stolen bitcoin money is recovered from him. Still, there are chances that he will be jailed for almost next seven years.

It is reported that Zhong Mo, a technical staff member of the company was successful in stealing 100 bitcoins from the company. The police in Beijing have confirmed the arrest of the engineer. According to them, Zhong Mo was able to copy the information from the computers that were working for bitcoin generation through mining.

Haidian is the place where the whole case was investigated. It is the place where most of the Chinese companies and universities are located. It is known as ‘Silicon Valley.’ The legal charge of Haidian investigated the case and found that accused person was among the members of the maintenance and technical staff of the company.

When the case was deeply investigated, it was exposed that one day the maintenance activities of the computer systems was going on and in doing that, it was found that someone has tried to hack the computer system that is generating Bitcoins. It was also suspected that maybe the hack was a fail attempt, and nothing is being stolen. However, the Bitcoins were stolen, and the amount was 100 Bitcoins.

Zhong Mo, the engineer, attempted to remove the interferences, and he used his authority to unlock the server. After this, he entered a code and transferred 100 Bitcoins to his account. The account to which he transferred the Bitcoins was on a website that was outside China. It is also said that he has made several attempts to remove the traces of the hacking.

All efforts of Zhong Mo went in vain as he was caught by the staff members very soon after he transferred the money. Many other such cases in China are unfolded in recent years in which employees were caught stealing Bitcoins. This is alarming for such companies because they can now, cannot belief anyone due to the aggravating situation.